Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pull-Up Assist Bands: Review from BarBend

Getting my pull-ups on at Terrain Gym
Lets be honest. Runners are not known for their arm strength. After all, it is our legs that propel us forward, up and over mountains. But this doesn't give us a free pass to skip the gym or monkey bars.

Many distance runners tend to overdevelop their chest and front shoulder muscles due to the way they carry their arms. Over time,
 this imbalance can result in a posture that causes stress and pain in the lower back, and is inefficient and uneconomical over long distances. Upper body strength is especially important for runners who frequent hilly and technical terrain.

The good news is that a combination of mid- and upper-back exercises such as pull-ups and chin-ups will help to prevent imbalances from developing. To help you do a pull-up correctly without sacrificing form or increasing chance for injury, use a pull-up assist band. I use these bands often in the gym, especially when I am getting tired and am straining in a way that feels injurious to me. 

For a reliable resource on the best pull-up assist bands and why this piece of equipment is a game changer, check out a comprehensive review from BarBenda news, analysis, entertainment, and opinion platform that posts multiple times a day on what is relevant in strength-based competition and training. 

Are pull-ups part of your routine? Do you use an assist band? How many can you do with and without an assist? Do you feel it makes you a stronger runner? Let me know!

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