Sunday, December 6, 2015

Terrain Gym Vimeo Shoot

I had the really cool opportunity to work with Bellingham photographer, Carton Artac, on a Vimeo for Terrain Gym. The two minute video shares my innate passion for running and tells how strength work was a missing piece of my training until I found Tonia and how it takes my training to the next level in order to be more competitive.

Prior to this interview, my goal for 2016 was to qualify for the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championship that will be in Slovenia next year and place in the top 10 (I was 18th at the World Championship this year). However, I failed to mention the Long Distance part. Also, this was before I went to the qualification race in Moab in early November and ended up not racing. 

Oh well.

It's a pretty awesome clip if I do say so myself. I am very proud of Terrain Gym and all that it stands for. If you're in the Bellingham area and looking for a unique gym that will make you stronger, fitter, faster, more durable and confident--then come and check it out!

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