Saturday, December 27, 2014


The past 6 weeks I have indulged in many a cookie, cake and gelato washed down with hot sake and Malbec. I have stayed up way past 10p.m. watching movies, laughing with friends and reading every article in my Twitter feed. I took a planned week off of running (okay, 4 days) and have been keeping relatively low mileage with minimal effort workouts. The lax in focus on my training has been refreshing, relaxing and simply fun. However this wild and crazy lifestyle is starting to make me feel out of control and I'm itching to get back to normal.

Peanut butter on top of dark chocolate in a chocolate dipped waffle cone.
Come January 1st, it's back to serious business. I have an exciting 2015 race schedule planned and it's time to focus. So if anyone wants to have a gelato throw-down, pick a time and I'll meet you at Chocolate Necessities. You have 5 days left!


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