Saturday, October 19, 2013

Close, But No Cigar

I lost the Lake Padden Trail Half-Marathon today by 15 seconds. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a blow. I was ready for this race, having time-trialed every section of the course and knowing it like the back of my hand. I was confident.  I am not upset with my final time of 1:33:56, just disappointed in the way that I felt.

Loosening up tight hamstrings.
Ever since the 6Km cross country race last weekend, my legs haven’t felt as good as they were prior to. I did everything I could to rest up this week, including getting 2 massages, and I barely ran on Thursday and Friday. Still, on my warm-up this morning I was still feeling ‘off.’ I ran the race pretty much solo. I never had a constant running buddy, only a brief passing by-or being passed by- a couple men. I was caught by the eventual winner at 11.5 miles after leading the whole race. I could get moving on the down-hills, but my ability to power up the hills was absent today and I could not hang in the last mile.
*Photo courtesy of Andy Bronson


No immediate race photos today because Tad was running the race (and did very well - 2nd in his age group, 10th overall). Luckily the talented and famed Glenn Tachiyama was there to capture all of the action. Thanks Glenn! I will post some pictures when they become available.

Al Coyle, race director, did an amazing job this weekend bringing together great people for a great cause. If only every community could have an Al. Great job to all of my friends who raced- you guys are awesome! A special shout out to our guest who came up from Bend, OR- Mario Mendoza. Mario and I were on the 2011 US Mountain Running Team together that competed in Mexico. Mario just won the US National 10Km Trail Championships and is preparing to take home the 50Km title on November 9th in Boulder City, Nevada. Best of luck to you! He is doing a 20+ mile long run tomorrow morning in the Chuckanuts…sorry, Mario; I will not be joining you! I am looking forward to celebrating everyone’s hard work tonight at the post-race party at Poppe’s 360.

Ah, well. You know what they say: “First if the worst, second is the BEST…”

* For more pictures from ANDY BRONSON from the THE BELLINGHAM HERALD of the Lake Padden Trail Half-Marathon, visit the Bellingham Herald Photo Gallery.


  1. Great job still had an amazing race!

  2. Way to go Maria! I can't wait till we move up that way and get on the race scene. My wife and I are really excited about it. Hopefully we can meet you some time too. Anyway, good work on the race and better luck next time for 1st.

    1. Thanks a lot! You are going to love it up here, I'm sure. Be sure to let me know when you come to town.