Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Enlightened Perspective

Today marks three months since the start of my injury. I have had many injuries in the past, but none that took more than six weeks to heal. I am doing better than last month, both physically and mentally. I still have days when I am overwhelmed with grief, but not nearly as often as in previous weeks.

There are a couple of reasons for my improved well-being:

1. Boston. In addition to courage, benevolence and love, horrific events like the Boston Marathon bombing generate an enlightened perspective. I am blessed. I did not lose a loved one. I am lucky. I did not lose a limb. I am grateful. I did not have to experience first hand the sights and sounds of terror that will haunt many people for the rest of their lives.

2. Hiking. Within the last couple weeks I have been able to go on some local hikes that really represent the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. It’s not the same as running, but it gets my heart  beating and lifts my spirits. When I am not running I feel so disconnected to nature. Sometimes when I am out hiking I get the urge to roll around on the ground to reconnect and immerse myself in something that is so pure and wholesome.

3. Hope. God willing, I really think that I will be running within the next  couple weeks. The thought of going out for a hard run makes me squirm with anticipation and puts a smile on my face. I can’t wait to fly over the trail and push myself to exhaustion.  

There is no doubt that I will return to running with a greater sense of appreciation and love for the sport. I will be more determined than ever to work hard to reach my goals, but also take time to celebrate the little victories along the way. It will be nice to be me again. 

*Photos courtesy of Tad Davis

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