Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy (Belated) New Year

Snowy run at Cooper's Rock

I had a long visit with family and friends in West Virginia for the holidays. Up until the day we arrived they were enjoying 60 degree weather and sunny skies. Unfortunately, the day after our plane landed in Pittsburgh, the first snow storm of the year hit, covering the ground in dense icy snow and the sky with a thick layer of clouds. And it stayed that way. For three weeks.

Despite the weather, I was still able to get in 70 mile weeks while partaking in holiday festivities. I thought that three weeks would be plenty of time to visit with friends more than once, eat at my favorite restaurants and run at all of my favorite locations. That certainly wasn't the case. Between the weather and the dominance of family parties, there left little room (and energy) for extra activities. However, I did get to meet up with some of my long-time friends and spend quality time with my family.

Sun setting on Chuckanut Ridge
I am very optimistic about 2013. I am in a new place, starting a new career and have a slew of racing opportunities to choose from. My race calendar is taking shape, with my first race being a local 20k on February 17th. Two weeks later, I am set to compete at the Hillbilly Half Marathon in Olympia, WA. From there, we are going to see how the training is going to make any further decisions. I am excited to be an ambassador for Team Inov-8 for a second consecutive year and look forward to trying out their new products.

Spying on the San Juan Islands 
I am blessed to be living the life I have always wanted and hope that I am able to give back to the universe in a way that is influential, motivating and life-changing.

Wishing you a 2013 complete with health, happiness, beautiful trails, fast races and friendship.


  1. All your friends wish you and Tad the same, Maria!

    1. Thanks, Phil! Let us know when you're coming to town!